Mikes Hardwood Flooring installation services for both commercial and residential properties truly are exceptional.
We offer a variety of methods including; nail down, glue down, and floating installations for any and all properties done by the best and most skilled professionals!
Nail Down Installations
Hardwood floor installation in your home or business is commonly installed with the nail down installation method. The nail down installation method is ideal for both solid and engineered hardwood floors and as well as if the subfloor is constructed of wooden materials. We perform the nail down installation methodically and strategically to ensure maximum results.
Glue Down Installations
The glue down method is frequently used in the commercial businesses and in residential homes it is most effective with concrete subfloors. In most cases, the concrete slab needs to be pretreated to ensure it is evened out. Once that procedure is finished, our team begins carefully gluing down your hardwood floor precisely and with smooth techniques.
Floating Hardwood Floor Installation
Floating hardwood is typically for engineered wood and usually means that the floating installation is not secured to the subfloor. This procedure is often used with the hardwood flooring that is designed to click and interlock with each other. It may or may not be required to be glued to each other. This technique is very popular and our team are experts at installing with care!